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After Cicely – the stories of five women working in end-of-life care in Asia

The Lien Foundation has commissioned an inspiring short film about five women working in end-of-life care in different Asian countries (Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore).

UK comes first in ‘Quality of Death’ Index across 40 countries

A recently published study from the Economist Intelligence Unit measures and ranks the ‘quality of death’ across 40 countries.

The Index, commissioned by the Singaporean ‘Lien Foundation’, reveals that the UK has the highest quality of death. Measured variables include: the basic end of life healthcare environment; availability of end of life care; quality of end of life care; and, cost of end of life care.

For more information see the ‘Quality of Death’ page on the ‘Life Before Death’ website.

Although, for some, the tone of the website may be a little irreverent (for example ‘it’s no big secret that Death has a bad rep. It is after all the End-of-Life. Boo-hoo’), much of the content provides practical ways in which people can start to ‘talk about death’.