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Still/Here (1997)

The dance ‘Still/Here’ was created by the dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones based on a series on workshops he conducted across America with people suffering from terminal illnesses.

The workshops allowed participants to share their stories, hopes and fears and express themselves through movement.

The footage of these workshops shown in the documentary reveals participants tentatively producing movements to reflect their biographies or describing spontaneous movements, with often poetic results.

Workshop participants words and movements were incorporated into the dance Still/Here and interpreted by professional dancers.
If the below video fails to load – the documentary can be accessed here

Death Matters Exhibition – Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam

“Death Matters” is a new exhibition at the Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

The exhibition focuses mainly on material culture and the rituals of death and dying. Different perspectives about what occurs after death are also examined and contrasted and visitors are encouraged to think about how they themselves would like to be remembered through a number of interactive activities.

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