Short movies promoting palliative care

We would like to bring to your attention an American project promoting palliative care. The joint venture between the Lien Foundation, IASP, Mayday Foundation, UICC and the Institute for Palliative Medicine in San Diego has released one of fifty short movies on ‘life before death’ every week since May 2011. For further information click on the link below:

We would like to hear your opinions about the movies – please leave comments below.


2 responses to “Short movies promoting palliative care

  1. There is a new film that’s playing the film festival circuit. I just saw it in Los Angeles a few months ago and noticed that it will be playing August 13 in NYC. It’s called “The LuLu Sessions.”

    It’s a documentary that will likely help in the field of end-of-life and hospice/palliative care. I recommend it!

  2. prismabarcelona

    Thanks for bringing the lulu sessions to our attention. Looks great and we hope it comes to a city near us soon!

    It reminded me of this great short film ‘Wish 143’ –
    Unfortunately the only link I could find restricts viewing to the UK – if I find another version I’ll post it.

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