Monthly Archives: July 2011

Short movies promoting palliative care

We would like to bring to your attention an American project promoting palliative care. The joint venture between the Lien Foundation, IASP, Mayday Foundation, UICC and the Institute for Palliative Medicine in San Diego has released one of fifty short movies on ‘life before death’ every week since May 2011. For further information click on the link below:

We would like to hear your opinions about the movies – please leave comments below.

PRISMA Work Package on Culture and End of Life Care – New Articles

Two new articles from the PRISMA work package on culture and end of life care have been published:

Evans N, Meñaca A, Andrew EVW, Koffman J, Harding R, Higginson IJ, Pool R and Gysels M. (2011) “Appraisal of literature reviews on end-of-life care for minority ethnic groups in the UK and a critical comparison with policy recommendations from the UK end-of-life care strategy.” BMC Health Services Research 2011, 11:141 (2 June 2011)

Meñaca A, Evans N, Andrew EVW, Toscani T, Finetti S, Gómez-Batiste X, Higginson IJ, Harding R, Pool R, Gysels M (2011) “End-of-life care across Southern Europe: a critical review of cultural similarities and differences between Italy, Spain and Portugal”. Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology (in press)