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6th Research Congress of the EAPC (Glasgow, 10 – 12 June 2010)

For those of you who will be attending the 6th Research Congress of the EAPC (Glasgow, 10 – 12 June 2010) you may be interested to know about the following presentation:

Communication and Minority Ethnic Groups: The British Experience
Evans N, Andrews E, Meñaca A, Pool R, Gysels M, Barcelona, CRESIB

Oral presentation (Psychology & communication, Friday 11. June, 2010 at 17.30 – 17.45)

More information regarding the conference can be found on the following link:

Transformations of the body and social uses of symptoms between local and global

Those of you with an interest in medical anthropology may find the MAAH-VI conference “Transformations of the body and social uses of symptoms between local and global” (Royaumont, France, May 7-9, 2010) of interest.

MAAH is a network of medical anthropologists who do research in their own culture and society. The network’s aim is to bring together medical anthropologists in order to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical issues in relation to health and culture.

Dr Arantza Meñaca, a member of the PRISMA ‘culture and end of life care’ work package team, will be giving the following presentation:

The role of culture in end-of-life care. Key issues in three Mediterranean countries.

A. Meñaca, R. Pool, N. Evans, E. Andrew, M. Gysels.

More information concerning the conference can be found at the link:

International Meeting on Culture and End of Life (Vic, Spain, 17-18 May 2010)

As many of you will recall, our project includes the organisation of a meeting of experts from across Europe on culture and end of life care.  The details of the meeting have now been finalised and we are pleased to inform you that the ‘International Meeting on Culture and End of Life’ will be held in Vic, Spain (17-18 May 2010).

This will be a two-day meeting which will bring together experts, researchers and practitioners with a particular focus on culture and end of life care. The first day will be an invitation-only PRISMA workshop chaired by Dr Marjolein Gysels from the Barcelona Centre of International Health Research (CRESIB), and will include around 15-20 experts from across Europe. The second day will be an open meeting jointly organised with the Institut Català d’Oncologia, and the University of Vic.

We are glad to invite those who wish to attend to contact Natalie Evans ( for the programme and registration details.

European conference ‘Dignity for the Frail Old’

Many of you may be interested in the up coming conference ‘Dignity for the Frail Old’, which will be held in Bergen (Norway) September 2th – 5th 2010.

The following information comes from the conference organisers:

We have the pleasure to invite you to our European Conference: Dignity for the Frail Old at Solstrand Fjord Hotel close to Bergen, Norway, September 2th – 5th 2010.

In the program international key-note speakers will give state-of-the art presentations to central topics regarding dignity for the frail old, followed by extended possibilities of the participants for exchange of their experiences and recommendations for action.

The famous Conference-Hotel lies at a Fjord in the most beautiful Norwegian surroundings, and offers outstanding housing and conference facilities. Clinton was there. Cicely Saunders and Balfour Mount where there, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud also. You will not forget this place!

We have reserved the whole hotel capacity for this conference, limited to 140 participants. The interest for the conference is already huge, so we recommend early registration.

For more information and registration, look at our website:

Diversity and End-of-Life Care – Hospice Foundation of America

Diversity and End-of-Life Care – Hospice Foundation of America

The Hospice Foundation of America broadcast the 2009 National Bereavement Teleconference “Diversity and End of Life Care” on April 29th 2009.  For more information about how to access resources produced for the conference, click here.