Together! 2009 – Cultural Connections for Quality Care at the End of Life

The 10th Australian Palliative Care Conference and the 8th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference will merged and called “Together! 2009“.  The theme of this conference is ‘Cultural Connections for Quality Care at the End of Life’. According to the organisers this conference will provide an opportunity for people across the world to come together to address the issues and challenges involved in providing quality care at the end of life for all.

4 responses to “Together! 2009 – Cultural Connections for Quality Care at the End of Life

  1. It’s good to see cultural issues being the theme of a cross-national palliative care conference.

    One fact that recently made me think about cultural connections and differences in end of life care was the report that just came out (20 July 2009) about aging populations and the future up until 2040. This work was commissioned by the US National Institute of Aging and carried out by the US Census Bureau.

    Indeed, aging will affect all countries across the world – Japan, China and Italy amongst the most elderly. However, attitudes and behaviour towards age and aging are different in different parts of the world and cultures. How will different societies and cultures react and deal with increasingly aging populations towards the end of life? Do we need concerted strategies or culturally tailored actions?

    News article in Reuters:

    Full report in US Census:

  2. In the UK we have been actively developing better practice and guidance in relation to end of life care for migrants and minorities. The General Medical Council (GMC) is now finalising new Guidelines on end of life care, which will include sections or specific attention to the needs of minority ethnic groups, Lesbian/Gay etc people and so on, following consultative events which my Centre helped to facilitate.

    We also have a number of records on the NHS Evidence site which we manage (see website)

  3. Wow..That’s great..
    I will follow if this is held in Indonesia… 🙂

    BEst Regards from College of Social Welfare of Bandung Indonesia, South East Asia.

  4. We are about to commence a 3 year study exploring the development of culturally compentent end-of-life care for South Asian renal patients in the UK.

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